Upwardly Thinking

I regularly incorporate affirmations into my card readings because, quite simply, they solve a lot of the problems. And they cultivate a healthy mental climate where new issues are less likely to pop up. Affirmations are not exactly magic words, except that they kind of are, because the more you commit to saying them, the closer you become to believing them, and we can all get on board with the idea that our mindset definitely influences our perception right?

Full disclosure: I used to think affirmations were a hilariously twee waste of time. It’s worth noting that my life, at the time, was actual shit. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t know how to be happy. And my circumstances weren’t even that bad. My brain just felt like a garbage heap of angry, judgy, self-loathing thoughts. It was the first thing my lovely life coach aka fairy godmother Vickie Champion taught me. The words in your head are responsible not only for how you see the world, but for your experience of it. Oh. Shet. Initially, this inspired an even bigger sense of defeat than I’d had before. The first one she instructed me to repeat to myself constantly was, “Above all else, I want to be happy.” She knew better than to start me off with something hardcore like, “My life flows perfectly and I am always in the right place at the right time. I am at peace.” That would have been a hard pass from me. It didn’t make sense to just flat out lie to myself. But what I’ve come to realize is that half the worth of purposely trying to fill your mind with positive thoughts is noticing your own resistance to them. If you feel yourself scoff at the idea that you are always in the right place at the right time, you might have an old, limited, shitty ex belief that needs to be brought out into the light, dealt with, and released. Do you really feel like you’re never in the right place at the right time? Is that absolutely true? Ok then, wipe the slate clean and start over. “From now on, I am always in the right place at the right time.” That’s better.

Like all tools in the self-development Mary Poppins tote, affirmations are meant to bring light to the dark places, one little twinkle light at a time. I am always on the hunt for new ways to incorporate technology into my practicing… I don’t believe there’s any rule that says you have to become the person you were meant to be the old fashioned way. Luckily, there are many like-minded seekers out there who have created awesome apps and websites to enhance our development, which I will always pass along to friends, followers, and clients with the enthusiasm of someone who has just discovered such things exist.  I recently stumbled upon the ThinkUp app, which allows you to record affirmations, of which they have tons to choose from, and play them back to yourself (with background music!!) whenever the opportunity presents. I went crazy for this pretty immediately because it was fun to record the affirmations with different inflections to see which worked best, and/or made me sound like a version of myself that’s so calm and breezy you know there’s not a negative thought within a mile of her, and most exciting of all- I finally had an easy means for keeping my mind focused on affirmations as I fell asleep, and even after. A Course In Miracles says something about us being far too chill about our minds wandering, which tends to make us decidedly not chill. This app helps take some of the pressure off of you to be the bad cop, yelling, “Party’s over!” to all the anxiety-inducing worry thoughts your mind has gotten carried away with.

Affirmations are not magic words, but they do help to press the RESET button. After years and years and YEARS of beating yourself up, self-criticizing, over-analyzing… it is worth dedicating some attention to letting yourself know you didn’t really mean it. Because you didn’t, despite the circumstances. You are still You, the same wonderful You that ran around like a joyous lunatic with only cowboy boots on when you were three, so excited to show off your sick coloring skills (on the wall, probably). You are still that wonderful soul. It’s just high time you let yourself know that your life is actually going pretty ok, you are not stupid, you are not a waste of space, you are not unworthy of love because you’ve made a mistake or nine, pretty much everyone does like you, you actually do have something special to offer the world, you can accomplish whatever you want to, you actually do deserve a job you love, a happy relationship, and all sorts of good things to happen to you. This is where the seeds of positive change are planted. You’ll probably tear up the ground a few more times before you really get to nurturing the soil, but that’s totally ok. You will come to your own aid, telling yourself automatically, “I am in the process of positive change, all is well in my world,” again and again and again and again and again and aga- you get it.

*this is not a paid ad. i genuinely like this app, and lots of others i’ll talk about in future. download ThinkUp here.


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